Bridgwater is a large town(Population ~11000) in the district of Sedgemoor. Largely a market town, it is also known for brick and roof tile production. Local goods include Pitch from the adjoining moors, Cider, Woven goods and livestock of all kinds.

The town boasts a Hospital, Theatre and an Art College. Bridgwater also has 2 workhouses and a poorhouse.

It is located on the Great Western Railway from Bristol.

The current Mayor is one Sir Philip Vanderbyl, with Alexander Kinglake, a historian serving as deputy.

Recent events.

Brick and Tile workers are subject to harsh work conditions. The winter causes the clay in the earth to freeze, making continued production impossible. As a result, bosses lay off the entirety of the workforce for 3 months of the year, leaving them quite literally in the cold. Demanding better pay(which the bosses say would destroy their industry), the workers have formed unions and have threatened strike.

The recent election has been questionable on all sides. After the Tory candidate, George Patton, narrowly lost, partially due to rumours of bribery on his part, allegations of vote-buying are being laid at the feet of Vanderbyl. Whether these claims are truth or a plot by the defeated canditate is uncertain, but the public is starting to turn on their supposedly legitimate Mayor.

Places of Note

Bridgwater Infirmary

Bridgwater Art College

Brigwater Theatre

Bridgwater workhouses

The Cornhill

Kings Head Inn

Bridgwater Squib

The Blake Arms

Sydenham Manor


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