Half Trolls

Half-Trolls are the rare half breeds of Trolls and Humans. Such unions are rarely consensual, and thus most half-trolls are seen as born criminals. Couple this with their troll parents’ reputation for malice and selfishness and half-trolls are given a hard time indeed.

Personality: Half-trolls are very aware that they are powerful. Most give in to their lesser urges, working as mercenaries, bandits or other lucrative and violent careers(Several lands in Eastern Europe allow them to serve in the military), often becoming very successful. A kind-hearted Half-troll finds he is always fighting to counter his appearance and racial reputation. However there are many good half-trolls in the world, and they make fiercly loyal companions to those who would show them friendship.

Apearance: Half-trolls are physically massive, rarely standing less then 7 feet tall and sometimes as high as 9 feet. They typically weigh between 400 and 550 lbs. Their faces tend to take on some of their trollish parent’s features; a long, hooked nose, prominent chin and deep-set eyes. Half-Trolls’ skin color ranges from human flesh tones to vivid green or blue. Their hair is ropey and can be any color that human hair can.

Relations: Most races distrust Half-trolls, or are at the very least cautious of them. Goblins and halflings are the most open to relating with half-trolls, seeing them as often misunderstood(Or under-utilized). Nonetheless, all races recognize the immense strength in this race, and many kingdoms hire bands of them as mercenaries in their hour of deepest need.

Alignment: Half-trolls are almost always chaotic, they find discipline irrelevant and rarely respect authority for it’s own sake.

Half-Troll Lands: Half-trolls are most commonly found in eastern Europe, where their troll parents are native. These areas include: The Prussian Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Russian Empire.

Religion: Half-trolls are often superstitious, and follow gods devoted to Luck, strength or war.

Adventures: Half-trolls more often then not are pressed into a traveling life. Seldom welcome in a new place, they often take up a travelling proffession, such as a caravan guard, mercenary or even simple robbery to make their living.

Racial Traits

  • Large size
  • +4 str, +2 con, -4 int, -2 cha. Half-trolls are very strong and hardy, but are generally quite dim and offputting.
  • Trollblood: Half-trolls heal alarmingly fast, one who has taken near-fatal injuries is commonly fully healed within mere minutes. Severed limbs can be reattached if held to the stump. They have Regeneration 1/Acid or Fire. However, their troll heritage is as much a curse as a blessing; fire and acid poses a grave risk to them. They take double damage from any fire or acid based attack.

Half Trolls

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